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Unlimited Design for Your Property
By Jason Long & Thyme in the Garden

Have you ever gazed out the window into your lovely back yard and thought, “This yard really has the potential to be even more beautiful, but where do I begin?” The installation of a new garden, water feature, bird sanctuary, retaining wall or patio, or perhaps an herb garden or thematic garden are within your reach with the help of our staff at Thyme in the Garden.

If you have a vision for the space around your home but can’t quite decide on what is needed to create the beauty and serenity you want to achieve, it’s time to call one of our Master Gardeners to help you get started.

If you have a problem area, such as a lack of privacy on one side of the yard or no place to entertain guests outside the back door, natural privacy screening can be easily planted, and patio areas with perhaps a gazebo can be installed in surprisingly small spaces.

A winding pathway between easy-to-care for perennial gardens could lead to a simple but beautiful babbling water feature. Place a bench nearby and enjoy restful “alone” time with your favorite book. Even a small woodland shade garden with perhaps a piece of statuary can be featured in the shady back corner of your yard.

If you have a favorite plant, shrub, or tree specimen, one of our designers can show you exactly where to plant them, according to the direction of the sun’s movement and the shading your house provides.

Whether your yard is large or small, miracles can happen to create the beauty, outdoor “rooms”, and privacy you desire. Thyme in the Garden will surprise you with what is possible by personalizing your design and providing you with a landscape you certainly will enjoy and want to show off for years to come.

So look out your window and see a vision… then let Thyme in the Garden remove the guesswork and professionally create the outdoor space of your dreams. We will visit your property and put a comprehensive plan together for you, which can be completed now or installed in stages throughout the coming years. So, let us help you with that small problem area or new landscape installation.

Call Thyme in the Garden for a design price list— We’re here to help you love your yard even more than you do now!


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